Body Wraps

body wrap

A body wrap is like a warm hug on a cold day. Mountain Spa in Banff offers a variety of unique types of body wraps that will leave you feel purified, revitalized, and energized!

Anti-Fatigue Experience (60 min)

Intense Moisture & Remineralization – The power of water and organic clay enriched with Hematite. Strength of the minerals. A marvelous feeling of comfort, lightness and vitality for the skin. A gift to the body. A new sensation of well-being

Sapphire Experience (60 min)

Revitalizing – Ancient ritual where the power of the thermal waters of Salies de Bearn, together with the power of precious stones such as sapphire, submerge the body in this new dimension. The result is a silky and velvety skin.

Hypnose Experience (90 min)

Energizing – Delicate and exotic fragrances from far east, which help to obtain physical and spiritual harmony. Essential oils and spices, together with energizing massages based on the oriental Soul technique will help your skin to experience new sensations. Feel life. Encounter the body’s energy, and see your skin looking radiant and vital.

Detox Cure (60 min)

Purifying – The function of the Detox treatment is to detoxify the body and eliminate toxins. Green tea contains anti-oxidant substances that act against aging. The pleasant bubbly feel of a detoxifying wrap will improve oxygenation and create a profound sense of well-being.