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Turn that frown upside down with any one of our rejuvenating facial treatments. Try out the classic Intense Moisture Facial or any one of our more unique facial treatments like our Golden Caviar or Thermal Facials.

Guys, facials aren’t just for women. Treat yourself to a Gentlemen’s Anti-Stress Facial and feel the stress fade away. Did we mention we also offer dual spa packages for two people?

Intense Moisture Facial (75 min)

Relax and experience our comforting and hydrating facial treatment. Effective, yet gentle, this facial is customized to your individual needs and specific skin condition

Harmonizing Facial (90 mins)

Specially designed for all sensitive and reactive skin conditions, this soothing treatment calms the most reactive complexion while reinforcing the skin’s natural resistance to harmful environmental influences. Your skin is left relaxed, restored and perfectly hydrated.

Golden Caviar Facial (90 mins)

A luxurious anti-aging treatment, this new innovative skin care experience ensures a radiant, youthful complexion. A highly concentrated sea extract renews the skin’s cellular structure.

Anti-Age Cell Facial (90 mins)

ANTI-AGE CELL FORMULA is a holistic skin care concept combining a variety of anti-ageing factors. It starts to work where the chronological skin aging begins, lending skin more activity and vitality every day for a complexion that maintains its youthfulness for a long time.

Thermal Facial (90 mins)

Characterized by the application of a self-warming mineral mask, this treatment is hydrating, revitalizing and compensates for a variety of skin imbalances. This facial provides immediate and dramatic results leaving the skin radiant, soft and luminous.

Gentlemen’s Anti-Stress Facial (75 mins)

Specially tailored to address the specific needs of a man’s skin by helping to prevent and relieve common conditions such as razor burn, ingrown hairs and sensitivity.